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The bones of my ancestors lie here in this land, buried within ancient cairns or ground
into the earth by the feet our enemies. Nearly ten thousand years has it been since
my people first rose out of the depths to gaze upon the sky we’d been promised.
But the heavens were shrouded in darkness then and the land cast in shadow.
So we climbed the tallest peak and with unmatched artifice, erected a citadel whose
highest spire split the heavens, parted the clouds and let light shine down upon the world.

We named our Sky Citadel Koldukar, and so began a golden age that lasted more than
a thousand years. Yet vile things mourned the darkness and sought to avenge it.
Eight thousand years ago the orcish hordes of Belkzen overran great Koldukar.
They thought they slew us all. They thought we were gone forever. But they were wrong.
We never left. We are here. We are the dwarves of Koldukar!

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Dwarves of Lost Koldukar

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